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If you’re feeling self-conscious and concerned about crooked or protruding teeth, you’re not alone. Not everyone has naturally perfect alignment, but thanks to orthodontics, you can have just that. What is orthodontics, you ask? Here’s a full definition that just might have you rethinking your smile.

1. What is orthodontics?

This is branch of dentistry which help to modify the position of jaw and malocclusion teeth. They would be more difficult in cleaning and have the risk to earlier losing caused by decay and gum diseases, create more pressure for chewing muscles leading to headache, the TMJ syndrome and neck , shoulder, back pain. The misaligned teeth and malocclusion could also reduce the beauty of their appearance.

The benefits of this method include help to bring the healthier oral, more beautiful appearance to you and the teeth seem to exist during your lifetime.

Orthodontis 2
(*Note: The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person’s particular health condition)

2. How can I know I need to have prosthodontics?

Only the prosthodontist could know whether this method could bring you to any benefit or not. Based on the analysis tool includes your medical record and completed oral health, a checkup at dental clinic, your teeth samples ,X ray photos and special pictures, he/she may decide whether this method could be applied for you or not and draw up asuitable treatment plan after that.

If you have one of any following signal, you need to have prosthodontics:

– Overbite: is the status that the upper front teeth reach too far down over the lower front teeth

– Underbite or occlusal reverse: the lower front teeth are farther forward than theupper front teeth or the upper go into deep inside root

– Crossbite: once closing your mouth the upper overlap the lower

– Openbite: when the front teeth upper not match the lower once closing your mouth, we have a space between the occlusion surface of front teeth and beside teeth.

– Misplaced midline: the front center line between the upper front teeth doesn’t match up with the center line of the lower front teeth.

– Spacing: having space among teeth caused by missing teeth or not enough teeth amount on the jawbone

– Crowding: when there are too many teeth emerging crowdedly on the jawbone.

Orthodontis 3

3. How can prosthodontics operate?

There are a lot of retainers including removable and fixed being used to modify the tooth’s position, gums and effect on the jaw’s growth. They operate by putting directly force on our teeth and jaw. This depends on specific case, we could chose the most suitable one to bring the best results.

4. Discovering the different types of braces

At DONG NAM Dental, we have 3 different types of braces:

– Invisalign: is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners . The aligners consist of strong plastic trays that are fabricated especially for you. The aligners are replaced every 2 weeks. They are indeed invisible. Invisalign braces are great for people who do not have severe problems. If your bite is not severely off and your teeth are not severely crooked, then invisalign would be a good choice. You would be able to get your teeth straightened without anyone seeing that you are wearing “braces”.

Orthodontis 4
(*Note: The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person’s particular health condition)

– Self-ligating braces: come with metal or ceramic braces. They are the same size as metal braces, but use a specialized clip in place of elastics to help the arch wire guide teeth into place. The clip helps reduce the amount of pressure being placed on the tooth, and require fewer adjustments because there are no elastics to replace. So self-ligating braces can complete treatment in a shorter time with less pain.

Orthodontis 5
(*Note: The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person’s particular health condition)

– Orthognathic surgery: Orthognathic surgery is surgery to correct conditions of the jaw and face that cannot be treated with braces alone. The affected bones are cut and re-aligned, then held in place with either screws or plates and screws.

Orthodontis 6
(Cases Orthognathic surgery at DONG NAM Dental)
(*Note: The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person’s particular health condition)

5. How much do orthodontics cost?

At DONG NAM Dental, cost of orthodontics are:

Metal Brace1.0971 arches
Coral Jaw surgery2.6321 arches
Tooth plastic surgery8781 Unit
Gum surgery8781 arches
Trainer2201 arches 

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X – Ray filmFree
CT 3D Conebeam22 $
Support resting place on a dayFree


Korean Implant7001 Unit
France Implant8501 Unit
USA Implant1.0001 Unit
Implant ETK Active1.2001 Unit
Implant NOBEL Active1.4001 Unit
Bone graft3501 Unit
Membrane graft881 Unit
- Free CT 3D Conebeam. - Free 1 porcelain fused metal crowns for 1 implant unit. - Free bone graft


Porcelain fused metal crown441 Unit
Titanium crown881 Unit
Emax crown1541 Unit
Zirconia crown1981 Unit
new răng sứ mớiHI-Zirconia crown2461 Unit
Laminate2201 Unit
- Free X – ray film - Free root canal treatment when make all porcelain crowns - Discout 50% dental whitening


Resine tooth141 Unit 
Composite tooth221 Unit 
Metal Frame881 arches
Biosoft Plastic Base1541 arches
Attachment partial dentures4391 arches


Milk tooth extractionFree
Tooth extraction221 Unit
Upper wisdom teeth441 Unit
Lower wisdom teeth881 Unit


Zoom Whitening110Both arches
Teeth whitening tray22Both arches
Tooth whitening gel141 Unit


Cleaning and polishing14Both arches
Periodontal Pocket Treatment14Both arches
Gingivitis treatment14Both arches
Gingivitis treatment children5Both arches
Abscess treatment221 Unit
Tumor tooth surgery881 Unit


Metal Brace1.0971 arches
Coral Jaw surgery2.6321 arches
Tooth plastic surgery8781 Unit
Gum surgery8781 arches
Trainer2201 arches 


Filling composite141 Unit
Filling baby tooth51 Unit 
Surface filling composite221 Unit 
Metal post core141 Unit 
Zirconia post core 881 Unit 
Root canal Treatment Incisors181 Unit
Root canal Treatment Premolar22
Root canal Treatment Molar31


Put jewelry tooth141 Unit (not included jewelry)
Fang tooth441 Unit
Vampire tooth441 Unit
Trays Retainer361 Unit
Trays without grinding the teeth441 Unit
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