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Removable Denture

removable denture

Removable denture – Whatever the reasons for tooth loss, dentures can prevent these problems, restore self-confidence, and enhance your appearance by giving extra support to your cheeks and lips.

removable denture

1. What are Removable Denture?

Removable denture are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. While dentures take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as one’s natural teeth, today’s removable denture are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

There are many main types of dentures, Your dentist will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you based on whether some or all of your teeth are going to be replaced and the cost involved.

2. What are the benefits of dentures?

The main benefit is a set of fully functioning set of teeth that will look and feel so much better. Modern dentures are natural looking and fit so much better than they used to.

The issue of a comfortable fit is something that bothers many people who may have experienced the older and less comfortable dentures. But, dental technology has advanced and new materials are being used for dentures which mean a vastly improved set of dentures.

And, you will find that your dentures make you look younger! Tooth loss can cause your face to take on a sunken cheeked appearance but removable denture can reverse that by giving your cheeks shape and definition.

removable denture 2(*Note: The result depends on our individual constitutions)

3. Types of Removable Denture

Have 2 types of dentures are available:

– Full Dentures:

Dentures for replacing a full set of teeth are called full dentures. To replace teeth in the upper jaw, these dentures include a flesh-colored acrylic base that covers the gums and the roof of the mouth, allowing an entire set of false teeth to sit firmly. Full dentures for the lower mouth are similar, but the acrylic base is shaped like a horseshoe to avoid covering the tongue.

removable denture 3

– Partial Dentures:

When just a few teeth are missing, partial dentures fill the gap. Partial dentures can be attached to natural teeth in several ways, the most conventional of which uses metal clasps that grip the natural teeth. Another option the dentist may offer is a partial denture, which adheres with precision attachments that are less noticeable. Partial dentures can also be attached to crowns on the natural teeth. These crowns can actually improve the fit of partial dentures, and are often required with precision attachments.

removable denture 4

– Implant-Supported Dentures:

As the name suggests, implant-supported dentures are attached to implants in the jawbone that extend outward from the gums. A dentist surgically fits these implants over the course of one or more visits, and they remain in place. An advantage to implant-supported dentures is that they are more stable than other types of dentures – especially in the lower jaw, where conventional dentures are most likely to slip out of place. The implants are usually fitted at the front of the jaw.

removable denture 5

Implant-supported dentures can be bar-retained and ball-retained. With the former, a thin metal bar attaches to two to five implants in the jawbone. Clips or similar types of attachments fix the denture to this bar. Ball-retained dentures, also called stud-attachment dentures, usually contain sockets that fit onto ball-shaped connectors on the implants – though sometimes these connectors slot into sockets within the implants.

Candidates for implant-supported dentures should have healthy gums, good oral care routines and sufficient jawbone, though bone can be rebuilt to a certain degree if needed.

4. How much do removable denture cost?

At DONG NAM Dental, cost of denture are:

Resine tooth141 Unit 
Composite tooth221 Unit 
Metal Frame881 arches
Biosoft Plastic Base1541 arches
Attachment partial dentures4391 arches

Dental crowns cases at DONG NAM Dental:

– Cases 1: Full Dentures

removable denture 6
(*Note: The result depends on our individual constitutions)

– Cases 2: Implant-Supported Dentures

removable denture 7
(*Note: The result depends on our individual constitutions)

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X – Ray filmFree
CT 3D Conebeam22 $
Support resting place on a dayFree


Korean Implant7001 Unit
France Implant8501 Unit
USA Implant1.0001 Unit
Implant ETK Active1.2001 Unit
Implant NOBEL Active1.4001 Unit
Bone graft3501 Unit
Membrane graft881 Unit
- Free CT 3D Conebeam. - Free 1 porcelain fused metal crowns for 1 implant unit. - Free bone graft


Porcelain fused metal crown441 Unit
Titanium crown881 Unit
Emax crown1541 Unit
Zirconia crown1981 Unit
new răng sứ mớiHI-Zirconia crown2461 Unit
Laminate2201 Unit
- Free X – ray film - Free root canal treatment when make all porcelain crowns - Discout 50% dental whitening


Resine tooth141 Unit 
Composite tooth221 Unit 
Metal Frame881 arches
Biosoft Plastic Base1541 arches
Attachment partial dentures4391 arches


Milk tooth extractionFree
Tooth extraction221 Unit
Upper wisdom teeth441 Unit
Lower wisdom teeth881 Unit


Zoom Whitening110Both arches
Teeth whitening tray22Both arches
Tooth whitening gel141 Unit


Cleaning and polishing14Both arches
Periodontal Pocket Treatment14Both arches
Gingivitis treatment14Both arches
Gingivitis treatment children5Both arches
Abscess treatment221 Unit
Tumor tooth surgery881 Unit


Metal Brace1.0971 arches
Coral Jaw surgery2.6321 arches
Tooth plastic surgery8781 Unit
Gum surgery8781 arches
Trainer2201 arches 


Filling composite141 Unit
Filling baby tooth51 Unit 
Surface filling composite221 Unit 
Metal post core141 Unit 
Zirconia post core 881 Unit 
Root canal Treatment Incisors181 Unit
Root canal Treatment Premolar22
Root canal Treatment Molar31


Put jewelry tooth141 Unit (not included jewelry)
Fang tooth441 Unit
Vampire tooth441 Unit
Trays Retainer361 Unit
Trays without grinding the teeth441 Unit
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