Wisdom tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a dental technique that helps to remove real teeth due to pathological problems, damage when teeth do not guarantee basic functions.

Tooth extraction at the dentist from only $ 22 will be applied Piezotome technology with sound wavelengths used in all situations: wisdom tooth extraction, bone shaping, maxillary sinus lift, bone cutting, .. instead of traditional methods. system. Minimizing bleeding should prevent possible complications after tooth extraction.


Tooth extraction and the basics you need to know

Extraction is a dental technique to remove real teeth when teeth do not meet basic functions. This is considered a minor surgery with related procedures such as anesthesia, tooth extraction and aftercare.

When one of the teeth on the jaw is damaged, loose. At this time, the doctor will prescribe extraction to avoid other complications occurring on the jaw.

Damaged tooth extraction

What happens when a tooth is removed?

When the doctor has appointed to remove the molars, you do not need to be too worried because the dentists are all trained professionals to be able to perform the best extraction.

Before the extraction procedure, you will also be given a local anesthetic in the area where the tooth needs to be extracted. In some cases, it is still possible to use anesthetic to prevent pain during treatment.

What to prepare for tooth extraction

In case the tooth is too strong, the doctor will cut the gum and the bone tissue that covers the tooth. Then, gently shake the tooth, making it easier for the tooth to loosen from the jawbone. In more difficult cases, wisdom teeth that grow underground, grow misaligned below the gums will need to be cut and pulled out piece by piece.

When the tooth is extracted, a blood clot will form immediately in the socket. You will be bitten at the extraction site to help the wound heal faster. Finally, the doctor will use sutures to suture the gum edges to finish the procedure.

The process of performing tooth extraction at Dong Nam Dental

Tooth extraction is a not too complicated dental technique, but it requires elements from a highly skilled specialist, in-depth knowledge of Odonto-Stomatology as well as a combination of modern equipment.

The tooth extraction procedure will be carried out methodically according to the following steps:

+ Step 1: General examination, X-ray film

In the first step, the Dong Nam doctor will examine the actual condition of the patient’s molars, take X-rays to clearly see the direction of the teeth. From there, make a specific plan and discuss appropriate methods for the patient to understand.

+ Step 2: Disinfect the oral cavity, anesthetize

Before performing tooth extraction, anesthesia is the basic step needed to help patients limit pain. In many cases, patients with panic attacks or anxiety disorders require the best anaesthesia.

Watch the video: Close-up of the tooth extraction process at Dong Nam Dental

+ Step 3: Carry out tooth extraction

In large molars with many roots, the doctor will make an incision in the gums and open the bone to remove the tooth most conveniently. In case the molars grow straight, the doctor only needs to use gentle force, very simple.

Many cases of wisdom teeth grow underground under the jawbone, can break the teeth into small parts and then pick them up.

+ Step 4: Sewing wound and home care instructions

In the final step, the doctor will clean the wound and sew it up with absorbable sutures. The patient will be bitten on gauze at the extraction site for about 30 minutes. After that, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, pain relievers and advise and guide how to clean and care at home after tooth extraction.

How much does tooth extraction cost?

The cost of tooth extraction at the dentist depends on the position of the tooth, the condition of the damaged tooth, the degree of wisdom tooth misalignment, the treatment technology and the doctor’s level.

You can refer to the price list of molar extraction at Dong Nam Dental as:

Regular tooth extraction
21$ – 43$
1 Teeth
Minor surgery of wisdom teeth in the upper jaw
1 Teeth
Minor surgery of lower jaw wisdom teeth
1 Teeth

To ensure safety, tooth extraction at dental facilities is really necessary and recommended by dental professionals.

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